Business Resources

Hickman County, Tennessee is more than our great weather and beautiful natural environment; we combine a skilled workforce, strategic location in the Southeast US, competitive business costs to fuel our business ecosystem.

Tennessee is a right-to-work state with a pro-business tax structure and streamlined permitting and regulatory environment. Tennessee offers the perfect climate for business with no personal income tax and customized incentive packages.

The Hickman County labor shed encompasses the surrounding counties and offers a diverse and skilled workforce. Local workforce training programs at Columbia State Community College and Tennessee Technology Centers supply a steady pipeline of well-trained advanced manufacturing employees.

What sets the Hickman County business environment apart is its characteristic livability. Proximity to outdoor activities is highly desirable among millennials, and Hickman County offers natural experiences right on your doorstep. Hickman County is also appealing to growing families, with friendly communities, low property costs and abundant land.